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Top ten (10) Reasons to move to Dubai

Stop thinking and make the move…

1. Year round sunshine. For nine months of the year the climate is warm and pleasant, perfect for enjoying watersports and the five-star resort facilities along the coast of the Arabian Gulf. This makes Dubai hugely attractive to tourists throughout the year. Even when the barometer soars during the summer months, the evenings are relatively cool and accommodating.

2. Tax free living. With no income tax, capital gains tax or corporation tax, whatever you earn goes into your own pocket. 100% ownership of freehold property and 100% ownership of business in the freezones, strong incentives for overseas investors and a competitive, emerging market, makes Dubai ripe with opportunities to earn and learn.

3. One of the world's safest cities. Listed as in the top five safest cities to live, crime rates in Dubai are incredibly low, maintained by a vigilant police force and strong punishment for offenders. With only 1.7% unemployment, the impetus to commit crime barely exists.

4. Great value property. Compared to similar cities around the world, Dubai property remains incredible value for money. Luxurious accommodation with facilities that include gyms, pools, residence clubs and private beaches far outweigh their international counterparts. With waterfront property still retaining its intrinsic value, Dubai property remains a sound investment.

5. High standard of living. Dubai and luxury living are synonymous. With a strong orientation on good service everywhere from hotels, to boutiques and even supermarkets, the majority of expats enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Facilities for young professionals and families from countless leisure activities, pristine beaches, world-class retail and dining, plus a vibrant nightlife, mean most residents enjoy a better standard of living than in their native countries.

6. Breathtaking environment. Dubai's ever-changing skyline, Burj Dubai - the world's tallest building, Dubai Marina - the largest man-made harbour in the world, the Palm Jumeirah that can be seen from space and The World islands - the most extensive man-made archipelago on earth. Being part of this dynamic, ambitious and progressive city at a unique time in it's growth, is a chance to contribute to the fastest growing city in the world.

7. Economic stability. Pegged to the dollar and underwritten by the government, practically guarantees the economic stablility of Dubai. While staggering growth has been slowed in the current economic climate, the economy continues to prosper, the subsequent regulation in real estate sector bringing stronger long-term options and an overall growth rate of more than 2%.

8. Retail paradise. There are few people immune to the thrill of retail therapy, and Dubai offers consumers the greatest diversity, choice and experience in the world. From the high-end boutiques on Marina Walk that overlook the sea, to the bustling souks of the old city that sprawl around the historic Creek and the gigantic shopping malls that are a haven during the hot summer months. There is even the biggest mall in the world, the Dubai Mall, which has an aquarium and Olympic-sized ice rink and weekly fashion shows.

9. Cultural diversity. More than 100 different nationalities co-exist in complete harmony. With only 20% of the population being Emirati, the commitment to providing true Arabian hospitality to expatriates from across the globe is demonstrated by a cosmopolitan, harmonious, integrated society.

10. The best is yet to come. Dubai is already one of the most desirable places to live in the world. Yet, the masterplan for the city is only partly realized. Infrastructure such as the Dubai Metro and monorail, vast new districts such as the Dubai Waterfront and the regeneration of central coastal precincts like Jumeirah will form the basis of continuing change over the coming years.

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