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WATERFRONT - a sustainable home for the future

Located on the western shores of Dubai, Waterfront will transform 1.4 billion square feet of empty desert and sea into an international community - for an estimated population of 1.5 million people - that is twice the size of Hong Kong Island. Waterfront is being developed on the last 15km of natural coastline in Dubai and will provide more than 70km of coastline in total, including the development of 23% of the Arabian Canal.

Waterfront'ss location ensures it is easily accessible on a local, regional and international basis. Positioned between the leading hubs of the UAE, with the capital Abu Dhabi to its west and the commercial hub of Dubai to its east, Waterfront is located close to prime international commerce and industry hubs Jebel Ali Port, Dubai World Central Airport, and the Jebel Ali Free Zone. Waterfront’s location ensures it is easily accessible on a local, regional and international basis.

Waterfront will comprise a wide variety of residences, commercial districts and industrial areas, with a number of major tourist attractions and leisure amenities that are expected of a city for more than a million people. In addition to the high-end residential and business properties, Waterfront will also provide a range of affordable housing for Dubai’s working community.

Waterfront is on track to becoming a landmark sustainable city founded on resource efficiency, social equity, and economic prosperity. Minimizing ecological impact is considered in every decision of the city’s design, construction and operation. Energy and water conservation are achieved through integration of utilities in dedicated utility centers, where process streams are interlinked and waste is transformed into energy to power the city.

  • MADINAT AL ARAB - the traditional heart of Waterfront

  • VENETO - an exclusive Waterfront development